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Human Energy System - Chakra Kit

7btl 0.5oz Liquid

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Path of Wholeness™ Human Energy System Chakras

Living Flower Essences™ (LFE™) contain a sacred plant energy which can balance human discord, re-establishing the link between body and soul, nature and spirit. These flower essences are plant helpers that teach us to live life to its fullest with greater self awareness and to connect us with our Divine nature.

The Seven-piece Human Energy System contains one of each chakra-based Living Flower Essences™:

1st Chakra - Indian Paintbrush
2nd Chakra - Pomegranate
3rd Chakra - Sunflower 7th Chakra ~ Saguaro
4th Chakra - Wild Rose
5th Chakra - Desert Larkspur
6th Chakra - Aster
7th Chakra - Saguaro